Case Study

eCommerce As Refined As It’s Brand


A store unlike any other. Curated goods from around the world, exclusive finds unfindable elsewhere. A site as unique as it’s owners.

Vaudeville doesn’t fit in it’s historic town. Truth be told, it may not fit anywhere. Few places could so magically combine exquisite 21-course meals with a goods-and-furnishings store smattered with tasteful, unique and exclusive finds that would take even a skilled interior designer years to access.

Add to that a beautiful and ever-changing gallery, the best bistro in the Texas Hill Country, and service reminiscent of the Ritz-Carlton and you have Vaudeville. All nestled away in charming Fredericksburg.

But even with all that Vaudeville offers, it’s launch into eCommerce stayed true to Vaudeville’s apparent modus operandi – build it with clear purpose and beautiful excellence. And that’s just what we did.

The site is focused on unique items – even on Vaudeville’s taste itself. From curated rooms where everything you see you can buy right there, to rare goods you won’t find anywhere else online, the store is purpose-built to match it’s clientele.

It should be simple, clean & easy to use. No guesswork, no digging.

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