Case Study

Building A Home For The Message

David’s music is beautifully story-centric. Each song carries it’s own history – one that’s worth telling and worth hearing. We built his website to support that focus.

Being a man more concerned with how his music affect the Listener than how he is perceived, David’s site needed to reflect this focus on his God and on those around him.

Designing a traditional Artist or Band website made no sense. We instead narrowed in on the stories behind the songs – the reasons David’s latest album exists. Conveying the substance of the music became the goal.

Because David works closely with various ministries and organizations, he wanted a simple online store that could easily handle bulk discounts and orders. So we did just that. The store items are easy to navigate, bulk discounts are built right in, and the checkout process is clean and simple.

A fully optimized site looks great on every device. Throne River Music is no different.

Services Provided


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Responsive Web Design