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A World Of Health Is Calling

Love You Back Foods was built to unravel the power of plants, making sense of the “why’s,” “how’s” “what’s” and most importantly, “which” foods and essential oils can unlock your vitality

Few popular subjects are as shrouded in mystery, opinion and trend-laden-talk as healthy eating. It often seems that anyone with a convincing voice and a healthy appearance has a corner on how to eat and live healthier, but very few understand the cellular relationship between foods and your body.

That’s where we immediately loved Reba. She holds extensive formal training and is incredibly knowledgeable, but is able to deliver this information in digestible – and enjoyable – bites. Few people with her skill are so approachable and so lively.

We wanted to build something to match that essence. Enjoyable, easy to take in and truly helpful.

Looking toward long-term goals, we saw that the blog would truly become a centerpiece of site, offering free training, tips and other resources straight from Reba to the reader.

To support this, we decided on a heavily image-driven blog page that also supports easy video-viewing without opening a new page as well as easy topic sorting through the permanent sidebar.

A fully optimized site looks great on every device. Love You Back Foods is no different.

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