Case Study

Unconditional Love, Uncommon Joy

Creating an online presence that accurately represented this incredibly dynamic community was truly the worthwhile challenge. The end result is exactly what we wanted it to be.

Impact Christian Fellowship is an active and thriving community but the previous website lacked any representation of this reality.

Through extensive research, interviews and thoughtful conversation we were able to put the character of the church into design. It strikes the balance between the vibrance of the people and the lack of pretense among them. While the design is decidedly forward-thinking, it stays true to the church.

As you noticed, the homepage contains an introduction to the many areas and ministries of Impact, providing an excellent introduction for first-time visitors.

But dig a little deeper and you’ll discover that the rest of the site is packed with resources for the community itself. From groups to ministries, from worship sets to messages to volunteer schedules, everything is easy to sort through, indexed and beautiful. Below is a very small sampling of what was designed and built into the site.

The events pages quickly show the big stuff coming up this week or everything on the schedule in a variety of views. A variety of sign-up forms make it easy to get the info to the right people quickly.

A fully optimized site looks great on every device. Impact is no different.

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Responsive Web Design

Events Integration