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The Perfect Site For The Perfect Cooler

Icehole Coolers aren’t just great coolers. They’re the only 100% Made In America Coolers you can buy, built by men with over 35 years of military contracting under their belt.

Did you know you can slap “Made In America” on a product even if only a small part of it was made in America? Yep, sad deal. That makes it all the more special – and tough – that ICEHOLE Coolers are 100% Made In America. From the Bradley Assault Vehicle latches to the Navy SEAL rope, it’s built to outlast any other cooler on the market.

Mike & Bill are proud of what they do, and so are we. That’s why we zero’d in what truly sets ICEHOLE coolers apart. If you need a high-end cooler, these are the ones you want.

We decided early on that the Cooler Product pages really needed to hit a home run. After 3 massive iterations and many more refinements we ended up with with what we believe to be an outstanding product page.

Continuing in the clean, easy-to-navigate-and-use approach we took with the home and product pages, we build a single-page accessories page with fluid top-of-page quick nav buttons and an interactive cooler-features page, walking the user through each of the unique and amazing features of the coolers.

And we wouldn’t be doing our job properly if we didn’t provide a smooth and seamless checkout experience.

A fully optimized site looks great on every device. ICEHOLE Coolers is no different.

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