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The Best Apparel Fundraiser Today

With a breakthrough business model, Brand Devotion is shifting the Fundraising industry. Willing to carry 100% of the overhead and share a split-profit with it’s clients, they are truly the spearpoint of the industry.

Brand Devotion is the result of long-term friendship, a perfect meshing of skills and decades of experience in web-design, software, marketing and apparel design.

The website needed to reflect this high-level of both skill and commitment, reflecting the quality of the organization and it’s processes.

While the offer simply feels too good to be true, we found it necessary to not back off the truth of the offer. So we took the reality front and center, knowing that the interest would result in strategic followup.

Slick FAQ and Use-Case pages were added to provide immediate answers, and the Start page uses simple qualifiers and inviting language with the contact form.

A fully optimized site looks great on every device. Brand Devotion is no different.

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Interface Design

System Architecture


Responsive Web Design