Are You And Google A True Love Match?

Laura McFaden Uncategorized

Every day Google accounts for 25% of internet traffic in North America. In other words, having a strong relationship with Google is important. So how do you know if your current website and Google are a true match? Here’s a short list of a few things Google loves to help ensure your website attracts high rankings.

  • Google loves a site that can be themselves
    When you’re unique and showing your true self, Google appreciates that!
  • Google loves a site that says what they mean
    Relationships are all about communication. If you say one thing in the header, but the rest seems totally off, you are going to have a major miscommunication with your true match!
  • Googles loves a site with good hygiene habits
    Just like you would your personal appearance, you need to keep your website fresh, new and cleaned of any old junk. New updates let Google know you’re still there.
  • Google loves a website that follows the rules
    Is your site one you would take home to meet the parents? Google isn’t into bad boys and has strict guidelines to help weed out the bad eggs. Make sure you aren’t violating webmaster guidelines if you want Google to consider you.

If your website isn’t even attracting Google, how can you expect clients to be attracted to it and what you may have to offer the world? If your website is looking for a more serious commitment in the Google rankings, contact us for the makeover that might just do the trick.