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Red Bison is driven by great design, brilliant user experience and effective project delivery. With backgrounds ranging from Internet Marketing and Software Creation to Publishing, Media and Business Development, Red Bison understands what it takes to successfully present your business online through performance-driven design.

As ever learning students in online business, software delivery, user experience, and marketing – their skill and their delivery approach are constantly sharpened, keeping them, their team, and their clients from falling behind in ever-changing business environments.

Whether you’re in need of a purpose-built website or a tailor-made brand, Red Bison is your best choice to visually and functionally convey your vision to your chosen marketplace.

Just talk to the clients we have served and they will describe the passion and results that we can bring to your most critical projects. Let’s make something together!


Cindy McFaden


Brian McFaden
Operations Director


Sarah Motlong


Josh Motlong
Creative Director


Jason McInturff
Senior VP, Sales


Brandon Blake
Senior VP, Marketing


Laura McFaden
Writer, Social Media


Jonathan Mills


Debbie Clarke
Writer, Editor


Cutter Wagley
Business Consultant


Clint Fioré
Business Consultant

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“I call the professionals at Red Bison the “catch your vision” dream team. They combine exceptional listening skills, contemporary creativity, and tech savvy knowledge for anyone hoping to create an impressive company website.

“Their expertise is perfect for creating a very engaging and viewer friendly website. I was also challenged by their business suggestions to expand my horizons about all possibilities for my business, long-term goals and visions. Very grateful to have their on-going support and creative talents for connecting my business with others through the world wide web.”

Reba Wiedner

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“Red Bison was a delight to work with from start to finish – incredibly professional, prompt, friendly and approachable. They were very knowledgeable and helpful in many aspects of the process that are not necessarily expected in a web design company. Their research and advice was invaluable to me.

“They employed fabulous technology enabling us to work seamlessly between California and Texas. They were also very kind and helpful with me in the technology I wasn’t adept in. All in all, it was a fantastic experience, and I can’t imagine why you would need to look elsewhere for design services.”

Jessica Garver

“You’re definitely taking us from amateur to PRO”

Bill Hickey